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Don't spend 5 hours waiting to get care. Book an appointment with healthlane and be received immediately upon arrival.

  • Antenatal care

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  • General checkups

  • Chronic diseases

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A doctor for every family, a health plan for everyone.

A doctor assigned to keep your family healthy, empowering you to make informed decisions and providing you with unlimited health services.

  • 24/7 Virtual care

  • Remote consultation

  • House visits

  • Prescription & Referral

  • Second Opinion

  • 1hr drug delivery

about us
about us

Your health data in one place — your pocket.

Today, your data is typically on paper, booklet or in hospital computers. With healthlane, we give it back to you, safer, accompanied with actionable insights.

  • Lab Results

  • Past Appointments

  • Health Record

  • Insurance Claims

  • Vitals and Trends

  • Medical History

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